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Company Spotlight: BOGO Bowl

December 5, 2013

BOGO Bowl is all natural, U.S. sourced & made super-premium pet food with a twist: when you buy a bag, they give a bag to an at risk pet.

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Sara Henderson, Chief Foodie at BOGO Bowl, shares the inspiration behind BOGO Bowl:

Have you ever had an idea niggle at the back of your brain, dancing just out of reach, teasing, playing, but not ready to reveal itself? And then suddenly something happens, something that seems random, but BOOM! The idea jumps out and says “I’m here!” and it almost seems fully formed. That’s how BOGO Bowl happened. The idea made itself known in early November 2011 – “Why isn’t there a TOMS Shoes to help pets?” – and the company was born six months later. That was in May 2012. Now we’re in our toddler year and not only are we up on our feet and running full force but we’ve already learned how to make turns and avoid crashing into walls.

What’s it like to work at BOGO Bowl?

Sara: Working at BOGO Bowl, whether as a staffer or as an intern, is fun. We laugh a lot. We care – oh, do we care – about both the pets who “buy” our food (or convinceBOGO Bowl interns their parents to hit the “buy” button) and the animals who are sitting in a shelter or foster home waiting for their forever family, or the fur kids who have a home but their people are suffering financially and don’t want to give them up. One other thing – we need self-starters who take on their tasks with gusto and independence. We’re tiny, and everyone pitches in with whatever is needed. Wallflowers will feel lost.

So, five things you absolutely have to have to work with us:

  1. LOVE (yes, in caps) for animals
  2. An understanding and appreciation of the pet/human bond
  3. Concern for others (two- and four-legged)
  4. A sense of humor!
  5. Confidence, energy and a natural sense of go-get-‘em-itis. (fine, that’s three things)

What’s a fun or interesting fact about BOGO Bowl?

Sara: The most fun and interesting fact (we think) is that none of the BOGO Bowl team has ever worked in manufacturing, sales, or pet food. So there’s a lot of ongoing education. Plus it proves it’s not necessarily what you know but how good you are at finding answers that matters.

If you are interested in interning with BOGO Bowl, click here to apply and check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and on their Website.

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