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Featured Student: Kiersten Bagley

April 1, 2011

Every Friday, we’ll have a new Featured Student who will share some fun facts about themselves,  be featured on the Employer home page, and get a fun gift from us.

Just for being so awesome.

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Featured Student

Kiersten Bagley, Missouri State University

I couldn’t be happier to have “followed my passion and found my place” while attending Missouri State University.  I will graduate in December 2011 with a degree in public relations, a facet of communication that truly complements my personality.  My unique minor, anthropology, gives me an edge and better understanding of people and cultures across the globe.

Having the privilege to work with a local no-kill animal shelter since 2008, I have truly become an advocate of pet adoption and responsible pet ownership. Being able to utilize tools and skills learned in the classroom in order to help save the lives of dogs and cats in need is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

I hail from the Bluff City (Memphis, Tenn.) and feel a strong association with the culture, history and people of the area.  I aspire to one day be able to help bring positive light onto my city and play a role in the further development of our fine community.

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