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Sparkpr: How to keep clients updated and aware

April 22, 2011

In this week’s post from the interns at San Francisco-based agency Sparkpr, Meghan Kelly lets us in on how top PR agencies brief their clients.

Meghan Kelly, Sparkpr internBy Meghan Kelly

While the tools of the PR trade are important to an intern’s every day work experience, the documents that come out of them are equally as important. In PR, we are constantly keeping our clients and ourselves in-the-know. The following are three documents vital to our success:

Briefing Docs

Your clients are going to have awesome news to tell and the press is going to want to hear it. Briefing documents are essentially a professional dossier on the reporter, used to ensure that the meetings are as productive as possible. The document includes all meeting logistics, the reporter’s interests and what they usually cover, the goals of the meeting and a history of their publication. These docs keep everyone prepared (including yourself), and can foster a more relaxed meeting environment.

Sparkpr Briefing Sheet

Example of a Sparkpr briefing sheet

Media Lists

As mentioned in last week’s post on Cision, media lists are a pivotal part of a PR pro’s work. To the untrained eye, media lists may seem like a simple rundown of reporters and their contact information, but in reality, they are specifically tailored to a client. In fact, each client may have multiple media lists based on their different announcements. As an intern, I’ve found that creating these is an excellent way of learning about the media landscape. A reporter working for the Wall Street Journal might not cover finance, just like a reporter working for any technology publication might not cover laptops. There are intricacies you learn when creating a media list, and learning them keeps you informed on how the media interacts and the language they use.

Quarterly Reports

Like anything you spend money on, you want to know what you are getting! Providing your client with a quarterly report is an excellent way of keeping them in the loop. These reports notify your clients of where they stand amongst their competitors and the coverage they have received. Included in these reports are key quotes about the client, metrics on their “share of voice” in their industry and more. The goal is to arm the client with as much information about their PR efforts as possible so that improvements can be identified and successes can be celebrated.

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