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Getting Bossy: Observations I’ve made when choosing summer interns

April 12, 2011

Synthia Salas, Social Media Coordinator

Synthia Salas

By Synthia Salas

I’m not all about hanging out and chatting with you guys on Facebook and Twitter all day — sometimes, I have to get bossy. Managing the interns is fun and can be challenging, but not as fun and challenging as going though the TONS of applications we’re receiving for our summer marketing internship.

I want to help y’all out, so here are a few easy-to-implement tips that I think you’d really appreciate:

  • Save your resume as a .pdfit’s so easy and it instantly makes your resume look good. You know, like those wonderful mirrors that make you look tall and skinny? That’s what saving as a .pdf instead of a .doc does for your resume.
  • SynthiaSalasResume.pdf is good. A resume saved as “Resume.doc” is bad, you know, because of the other 115 applicants who also called it that.
  • has a unique system going on. The “Personal Message” actually is one of the first things we see as employers – use it to your advantage (BTW, “I will love this internship and you will love me” = not the best message…). Here are tips on what to write and what happens after you Submit your application.

On a positive note: Holy moly, some of you have impressive resumes! There is a drastic difference in an application from someone who has done their research and is genuinely interested vs. someone who is applying for the sake of saying they applied for internships.

I leave you with this tip: do not bring your boyfriend to the interview. If he gives you a ride, tell him to wait outside. And whatever you do, DO NOT have him come in and sit with you in the room that we are about to interview you in. I can’t believe I even have to write that…