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What should I be doing on during the summer?

May 14, 2011

Alex Braun

By Alex Braun

We know from our traffic stats that many more people use as a search tool than anything else. We get it — we know you like to cut to the chase. But if you only use for searching, you’re missing out on a lot of valuable tools that can make your applications more effective.

Student Resources

Most of the popular questions we get asked every day on our Answers board are dissected in much greater detail in Student Resources, which holds an invaluable library of career prep resources. Personally, I think a major highlight is all the step-by-step advice we have on preparing for an interview. Take some time to read up on strategy, and I guarantee you’ll feel a lot more confident when it’s time to step into that office.

Keep reading the blog … or write for us!

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re on the right track. But being an active participant is always better. Blogging about your experiences in a previous internship or trends in the career you want to pursue is a great way to demonstrate your professionalism to employers – and a lot of them read Eye of the Intern. Our articles tend to rank high on Google, so if someone searches your name, they’re likely to run across work you can be proud of (before they see anything you’re not so proud of).

When you follow or write for our blog, Eye of the Intern, you’ll get acquainted with knowledgeable people in your field – from ambitious young interns to people that do the hiring at major companies. Many of our writers post their Twitter handles, so you can contact them and continue the conversation elsewhere. Effective networking is a huge part of what separates successful young job seekers from those who struggle.

Work on your resume

If you haven’t had a ton of luck searching for an internship, you should constantly be refining the wording on your resume. Above all, you should be aiming for absolute clarity.

Read your resume as fast as you can and make sure you can still comprehend it without pausing to think. Many hiring managers will only skim a resume the first time they read it. If the words aren’t clear and memorable, they’re not very likely to come back.

If you’d like some help from people who know resumes, take a look at our resume review service.

For ideas on things you can do outside of our site to improve your career prospects, check out this post.

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