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My MTV internship with Justin Bieber

March 16, 2011

Lauren Lorenzo (@LaurenLorenzo3)

Lauren Lorenzo (@LaurenLorenzo3) recently finished up an internship with MTV. Along with great experience, she got a few brushes with celebrity. What more could you ask for from an internship?

Okay, okay…my internship wasn’t exactly with Justin Bieber. But I did have a sighting!

I got lucky enough to get an MTV internship in NYC. The MTV Networks office is right in Times Square, so it’s an exciting location and I saw tons of cool people. One time I rode the elevator with Snooki! I’ve also seen Sway quite a few times in the cafeteria.

Another time Justin Bieber was there waving at fans on the streets. There were hundreds of screaming girls flooding the sidewalks looking up at him — I literally felt the floor shaking at one point! Those girls would have shown no mercy to get into the building.

You would think the police would be focusing on keeping the crowd under control. That’s what I thought until I saw one of them take a picture of Justin with their cell phone & say to another cop, “Hey I got Justin Bieber as my background.” Then the two grown men giggled as these hundreds of girls were almost rioting behind them …

So yes, the internship with MTV was a great experience — I recommend anyone apply! I actually applied twice before they finally accepted me, but I didn’t let the rejections get me down. Instead, I just used that time to improve my resume until it was finally good enough to get me an interview. So I’d recommend making sure professionals help you format your resume correctly. A properly formatted resume and a passionate cover letter that has to do with the position you are applying for are key to getting your foot in the door.

When I finally got to the interview, I was SO nervous that I would forget to shake someone’s hand or would say “um” too many times. While those are important, I’ve realized what mostly matters is to show them you are capable–bring some kind of reel or portfolio. Show them you are passionate, make them remember you, and be friendly. And of course dress to impress!

I recently applied for an internship with Nickelodeon Studios in Cali for the summer. My life goal is to create/direct an animated series called Kate & Kit on Nickelodeon. I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to make my dream come true by getting connections and experience at these internships! That’s what they’re all about, right?!

Good luck with the Nickelodeon internship, Lauren! And tell Justin and Snooki we say hey…

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Vanadie December 27, 2011 at 12:53 pm

Lauren Lorenzo,

You are such an inspiration. Right now I am applying for a summer internship with MTV. My cover letter is pretty passionate ha but I have no idea who to address it to. Whose name comes after the Dear….???? I looked up the Human Resources Director for MTV, but so far no luck finding a name. Any suggestions?


Prospective MTV Intern


Lauren Lorenzo December 28, 2011 at 10:24 am


You are so sweet! Thank you! There are three women in the Human Resources Dept that deal with intern applications. They are Mallory Barber, Ellen Czelada, and Suzanne Rosenthan… So I would probably put: “Dear Mallory Barber, Ellen Czelada, and Suzanne Rosenthan.”

It's a good thing you asked because putting things like “To whom this may concern” on your cover letter looks a little unprofessional. When you have a name to address it to, it shows you've done your research and they will take you more seriously! Don't forget to have a few professionals (maybe like a professor or something) read over your resume/CL before applying. Hope this helped and tweet me if you have any other questions or need advice! 🙂 Good luck!

twit: (LaurenLorenzo3)


Keon January 4, 2012 at 10:20 pm


I am SO happy I found this! It's really great that you are reaching out and giving some valuable advice to prospective interns! BTW I don't have a twitter account so I can't ask you on there =(

1) Will it help to have a recommendation?
2) Is getting into detail for the CL highly praised?
3) How long did it take for you to hear back?



Lauren Lorenzo May 25, 2012 at 2:10 pm

Hi Keon!

I don't know what made me come across this article again, found it by accident! But I'm glad I did or I wouldn't have seen your comment! Best to email or Linked-In me instead 🙂

1) It always helps to have a recommendation but it's not always crucial. I suggest you get a Linked-In if you don't already have one, because it's the first thing recruiters go to these days! Get as many “connections” as you can that are involved with your major/career, and WITHOUT bothering them, try to reach out to a few for advice! MAKE SURE to keep it very BRIEF, and be professional. You probably already know this, but I would set up my email somewhat like this when you reach out):

Hi “name”,

(ONE sentence intro)

(a COUPLE of sentences TOPS of what the advice you are asking is)

(“Thank you (name), I very much appreciate your help.”)

All the best,
(your name)

2) All companies prefer their CL's differently, I feel like there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do them. Maybe try to reach out to people on Linked-In that have had the specific internship you are applying for, and ask them for their advice on it. As long as it's NO longer than a page, and you organize your paragraphs into maybe, “what position you want”, “what you've done at your past jobs” “what your accomplishments are/school accomplishments” and “your best qualities/sell yourself”, you should be good! I know a place like Nickelodeon Studios would love to hear your passion. So getting into detail may depend on the company. ONLY put the important stuff on there though, because you want to have new things to impress them with when you get interviewed. And remember, make sure most of what you say applies to the company you are sending it to. Show them that you've done your research on their company!!! Impress them!! NOT too long or they'll throw it out lol, one page TOPS!!!

3) If your resume/cover letter qualifies, you would hear back probably around a couple of weeks after the deadline. If it doesn't qualify, you may not hear back at all. Depends on how large the company is. Don't give up!

HOPE I helped a little!!! Any other questions, you know how to contact me!! Good luck with everything Keon!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Lauren L


Marissa Martinez July 26, 2013 at 1:55 am

Hi Lauren,

I applied for an internship with MTV Networks about three weeks ago, do you know how long it takes for them to get back to applicants? Also, congrats on your experience, I'm glad you're learning so much.




Lauren Lorenzo May 6, 2015 at 2:15 pm

Hi Marissa!!

This has got to be the latest response you have ever gotten… lol – I'm sorry, I don't get notifications on here if someone posts! Feel free to email me next time 🙂

If your resume/cover letter qualifies, you will hear back within a few weeks. If it doesn't, you may not hear back at all (since they have so many applications to look at). How did it go? Did you get the internship? I'm sure you're a rockstar in your field now since you posted that 2 years ago, but if you're still struggling with your resume or coverletter, I'd be happy to have a look. (subject it “RESUME HELP”). Have an awesome day 🙂



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