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Tracey’s Angle – Internship Interview Prep

September 13, 2010

Getting an internship isn’t as easy as applying, and having your resume reviewed by an employer.  Not only must one apply, but he or she must also go through the interview process.  The interview process- scary to most, and natural for some.  For me, the steps to making sure that my internship and job interviews go smoothly are: dress to impress, be confident, avoid jargon, don’t be too personal, and practice.

1.  Dress to impress. When going into an interview, I make sure that I dress to impress because like it or not, what an employer sees will be his or her first impression of you as a potential intern.  I typically wear a nice button-up shirt, simple slacks,and a low heel to my interviews.  Remember,there’s nothing wrong with being stylish, but you don’t want to be too flashy.  For guys, I would suggest a nice crisp button-up shirt or polo, a nice pair of slacks and dress shoes.

2.  Be confident. During an interview, I always try to remember that I am an expert on everything “me'.  So whenever I get asked a question, I answer confidently to assure the interviewer that I know exactly what I am talking about.  However, there are those times when an interviewer may throw in a question that may throw you off, and you are unsure of what to say.  In these cases, do not let the interviewer see signs of your uncertainty, because if he or she does, they’ll probably discredit everything that you have to say after that answer.

3.  Avoid jargon & don’t be too personal. Never answer or ask any question too personally.  Remember, you’re at this interview for business reasons, and blurring the line that separates your business and personal life is not professional.

4.  Practice! Whoever invented the phrase, “practice makes perfect' was right.  Whether you prefer to practice in the mirror, or practice with a friend, practicing answers to commonly asked interview questions is a great way to make sure that you are confident in your answers and to make sure that you are not caught off guard by various questions.

The moral of this story? Preparation for your internship interviews is vital for successful internship placement.  Need any more tips about interview preparation?  Email me at!


Tracey L.

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