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3 Ways to Stand Out from Other Internship Applicants

July 5, 2012

Jennifer E. is a professional freelance writer and a columnist for several magazines and news publications. She writes for Degree Jungle, a resource for college students.

Landing your dream internship position calls for applying creative ways to stand out from other internship applicants. Good internship positions attract a lot of interest from prospective applicants; consequently, increasing the competition for such juicy spots. In order to stand out from the crowd, you must apply some creativity to give yourself an edge over equally, or even more qualified applicants. If you do not make the extra effort to distinguish yourself from the rest in some manner, your application might be relegated to the background while more interesting ones will be considered for the position.

1. Outstanding Resume

Stand out as an internship applicantMost students quake in trepidation at the thought of writing a resume. The reason for this apprehension is usually because they have very little work experience to put in such resumes. This should not be a barrier because prospective employers do not really expect students to have very much work experience. Most of them look for other qualities in their interns. Most employers list the qualities they want in their interns when they advertise such openings in their organizations. The best way to write a resume for an internship position is to make a copy of the internship description and lay it next to you while you fill out your resume. Aligning your resume to match the requirements for the internship position will allow a prospective employer to find out if you are a good fit for their organization, just from scanning the first half of your resume. Include all of your volunteer activities and other internship positions, where applicable.

2. Outstanding Cover Letter

Just like a remarkable resume, a well-written cover letter will increase your odds of landing that great internship position. Avoid generic cover letter templates that allow you to fill in information into pre-programmed cover letters. Do not just say that you are applying for the internship position because you are the best candidate. This is very common and doesn’t really say very much about you or your capabilities. Expand further on this claim by including the reason why you feel that you are the best applicant for the internship position. Make this a brief, but memorable statement that will get the attention of any recruiter.

3. Sharpen Your Interview Skills

Eloquence, good eye contact, confident body language and firm handshakes go a long way towards giving a good interview.

When your fabulous resume and cover letter result in a call from a recruiter to come for an interview, you must practice your interview skills so as to make a good impression at the interview. Eloquence, good eye contact, confident body language and firm handshakes go a long way towards giving a good interview. Tell the recruiter that you want the job and make sure you pay attention so that you can ask questions later. This shows that you are enthusiastic about the position, in addition to showing off your listening skills/intelligence. After the interview, make sure you follow up by sending a thank you letter to the interviewer, indicating that you really enjoyed the interview and talking with the interviewer. The thank you letter may mean the difference between getting the job when the choice comes down to two, or more, equally qualified internship applicants.

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