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Snag Your Dream Job: To-Do's for Networking Success

December 17, 2013

Charles Schwab is a financial services firm that is widely recognized as a great place to work. The quality of their employees and candidates owes some credit to a robust, well thought out talent acquisition strategy. Their recruiters, known as “Schwab talent advisors”, are opening up and sharing their advice for job and internship seekers.

Sharon Grimes, talent attraction manager for Charles Schwab, highlights five easy tips to  making professional connections and explains how to find a networking event that is right for you. With about 50 percent of job opportunities being unadvertised there has to be different ways to get hired. Attending networking events is a great way to make a connections, which may end up leading you to your Dream Job.

Grimes explains how finding networking events can be as easy as searching online under “networking and the city location.” Taking advantage of alumni groups is another great was to network. Attendees share common interests and many schools have easy-to-find alumni pages with event calenders. It is also important to set goals and develop a plan of attack. Read the full post, “Five To-Do’s for Networking Success.”

The Charles Schwab blog will continue the Snag Your Dream Job series through the winter and spring. Check back soon for the next post.

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