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Student Blogger: Building a following on Twitter

March 17, 2011

Kelly Rogers

I, like most of you fellow readers, am a Twitter nerd. Thanks to my Blackberry, throughout the day you will likely catch me scrolling through my Twitter feed during class, on the treadmill, in my room and at the dinner table. When I joined Twitter for my summer internship last March, I had no idea how much this little bird would impact my future. One year and 407 followers later, I have been contacted by several companies with internship offers and have connected with dozens of people I would have never met without this great social media website.

The very first day of my internship, I learned that Twitter wasn’t about status updates, but rather about engaging in conversations, creating your own content, and interacting with your followers. I decided to take this advice and run with it. My boss has several thousand followers and tweeted about me several times, which helped me gain some followers. I began to interact with these people and tweet about marketing/social media content, and watched my follower count steadily rise.

After my internship ended, my tweeting didn’t. I am studying abroad in Europe this summer, so I am not looking for an internship, but I have started following companies and people within those companies that I am interested in working with after graduation. Once or twice a week, I scroll through my “potential job” Twitter list and try to reply or retweet something to interact with them and get my name out there.  I have found a lot of success with this little plan, and many of them have followed me back!

What ways are you using Twitter or other social media websites to land your dream internship or job?

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