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Will Tweet For Food (Or, Job)

August 24, 2011

Seth Fendley (@RawkforChrist) is a senior pursuing a double major in speech communications and public relations at Arkansas Tech University.  He is currently employed as both a social media manager and youth pastor.  When not online he is found out playing disc golf or debating on the Arkansas Tech Forensics Team.  He blogs weekly for and during the school year at ReThink: Christinaity.

Guest Blogger Seth FendleyBY SETH FENDLEY

Another job opportunity had just escaped my grasp. A hiring process that I spent cultivating via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for a month.  When you apply to wear shirts for a living, Jason Sadler (the owner of wants to make sure the people he is hiring have the capabilities of using social media to their fullest potential.  So this is what I did for a month, in hopes that I could land this dream of a job; wearing shirts for a living.  However, this didn’t happen. So in the end, I settled into the IWYS community and began preparing for the 2011 hiring process (which is coming soon).

Will Tweet For Food -I figured part of this preparation should be landing an internship focused on social media. I updated my Twitter profile to say “looking for a job in social media.” On January 22, a Denver Internet marketing company called cstrom sponsored a day on IWYS.  After some tweeting about the daily sponsor, while moderating the live chat the owner of cstrom sparked a conversation with me. He informed me that he was interested in hiring me as a social media manager.  This led to a glowing recommendation from one of the shirt wearers.  The owner and I began emailing. By March I was employed as a social media manager.

As simple as it sounds, it took some work for me to be in this position. I have three tips for landing a job on Twitter:

1. Be Professional

If you are going to seek a job through Twitter, avoid any embarrassing topics that might not get you hired.  Don’t be spammy either. Talk with business professionals in your field through social media about tips they have for jobs (they just may have an opening for you!).

2. Find your niche

Obviously a job in social media is easy to seek through social media.  You may be looking for something more specific or not social media related.  Follow the industry leaders, start conversations, remember to be professional about things, though.  I once tweeted that I would love to work for Groupon, within an hour Groupon had replied with a list of openings they had.  Don’t be afraid to take risks!

3. Content is Key

Twitter is all about sharing content.  Once you know your niche, share content related to your niche.  This will catch the eyes of those in the industry and potentially lead to a job (especially if you are Retweeting their content).

Did you land your job or internship as a direct result of Twitter? Let’s hear about it! Tell your story in the comments below.

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Amber Plaster August 25, 2011 at 9:49 am

I remember that day! SO happy you stayed with it! My friends are making a doc on twitter and how some people have gotten jobs thru it. I think it's called The 140 Doc.

Obviously, I got my job thru twitter as well 😉


Synthia August 25, 2011 at 11:56 am

Amber that”s awesome – would love to see that doc, and hear your story as well! Email me


Chris Strom August 28, 2011 at 5:25 pm

Thanks for all your hard work, Seth! It's been good working with you!


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