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Feedback from users who found internships on

March 17, 2011

We always love to hear success stories, and combing through our user feedback this week, there was a lot to smile about.

We asked people who clicked on our “Just Got Hired!” button at the top of the homepage to let us know if our site was helpful in their internship search. Here are some of the enthusiastic responses we got:

“It was absolutely helpful! It put me in touch with Gayot as well as led me through the application process. Thanks!”

– HILARY, University of Missouri-Columbia. Interning for Gayot Publications.

“Extremely helpful, thank you. I was able to find this internship through your site, I wouldn’t have been exposed to it any other way. Now I can spend the summer in a beautiful part of the country, while gaining valuable experience.”

– PETER, Warren Wilson College. Interning for Icicle Creek Music Center.

“It was very helpful using I am the first student at my school to be enrolled in a virtual internship. Thank you so much!”

– MARISSA, Johnson & Wales University (Charlotte). Interning for Curvy Magazine.

“Yes, I would probably never have heard about them if it was not for this site, since they are a small ‘net startup. This was my first application and interview though, y’all have done your job of connecting people very well.”

– ROWAN, Emerson College. Interning for Demand Progress.

“Yes, the site was very helpful. It helped me connect with the region recruiter before the application was made available on their website. This was a very useful relationship :)”

– ASHLEY, University of Oregon. Interning for Nordstrom.

“Yes. It got me an internship to a great nonprofit organization!”

– LAUREN, University of South Florida. Interning for Kids Charity of Tampa Bay, Inc.

When you get hired through, click the red button on top of the Student homepage and tell us!

“I found the internship through the website. This internship has provided me with education I cannot get in a classroom setting because it involves hands-on activities and my employer has my best interest in mind. Hopefully through finding this internship it will help me get into law school.”

– LINDSEY, University of Maryland, College Park. Interning for Maccam Law Group.

“Very helpful or I wouldn’t have gotten such a GREAT internship!”

– CYMONE, Kean University. Interning for Clear Channel.

“Yep! I submitted my application and had an interview within a week and was hired the same day!”

– SARA, University of Southern California. Interning for Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.

“It was extremely helpful in finding this position.”

– MATTHEW, Penn State University – University Park. Interning for the New York Department of Parks and Recreation.

We’ve seen a lot more traffic and cool new internships in the last few weeks, and we can’t wait to post some more great feedback. When you get hired through our site, make sure to visit the red button and let us know!