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Intern Diaries: How I Scored My Fashion Marketing Internship

July 17, 2012

Kara King is a senior Advertising/Public Relations major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with concentrations in Textiles, English and History. She spent her summer working in LA as a fashion marketing intern at LuxeYard, a members only flash-sale site that sells luxury fashions and décor.

Intern Kara KingBy Kara King

As I ended the last semester of my junior year in college, it became impossible to block out my senior year stress – I’m graduating next May, am I ready for a big girl job? How do I even get one of those? What’s setting me aside from every other twenty something with a bachelor’s degree? I was looking for a way to gain marketing and PR experience outside of the classroom, and became determined to find myself a summer internship.

The process was intimidating. I want to pursue a career in fashion marketing but Nebraska isn’t exactly booming with opportunities to work in fashion, and finding an internship that was both interesting and attainable seemed impossible. I decided to move to LA for the summer, a major fashion hub filled with up and coming designers, businesses and trends, and continued focusing my efforts on finding an internship.

“I spoke with the style and marketing directors about crafting a custom fashion marketing internship… I left feeling confident.”

I used many different sites, but only found success with  Through the site, I applied for a style internship posted by LuxeYard and received my first employer response! I was ecstatic, and became even more excited when they told me they had a marketing internship that they wanted to interview me for as well. During my interview I felt totally at ease, like I could really benefit from spending my summer with LuxeYard. I spoke with the style and marketing directors about crafting a custom fashion marketing internship. I wanted to combine aspects from both of the positions I had interviewed for that would give me even more opportunity to gain real world experience. I left feeling confident, and a few days later I was officially LuxeYard’s summer fashion marketing intern!

In the month and a half I’ve spent with LuxeYard, I’ve been exposed to a wealth of opportunities as well as real responsibility. Some days I work with the style team, picking up product samples and providing wardrobe and styling assistance on photo shoots, among other things. Other days I work closely with creative director Kelli McDonald, helping with affiliate advertising, writing articles and interviews, creating graphics and learning about digital marketing. These folks have been incredibly supportive, allowing me to soak up their knowledge and showing me that they are just as invested in my success as I am.

So when I head home in August, I’ll leave with valuable experience, great connections and best of all, the confidence to land a job in fashion marketing.

Congrats Kara, we’re glad you’ve had such a great experience this summer. Readers, check out LuxeYard internships and leave your questions for Kara below.

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Chase July 24, 2012 at 8:05 am

Inspiring! And thanks to, have just known about the site today and I hope to use them when the time comes. I intend to study fashion design, bachelors, at the classic NABA academy in Milan. Although I don't really want to concern myself about it now, what are the chances that I will be better positioned to earn myself an internship at a firm in home sweet NYC?


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