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March 1, 2011

If you see a post you think is suspicious, flag it for review.

Occasionally, we’ll get a question on our Answers board asking whether a specific internship listing is legitimate, and can be trusted with sensitive information or to deliver on its promises in the listing.

The overwhelming majority of the listings you’ll find on our site are honest and accurate. However, as is the case with any platform that lets people submit their own information, spammers can temporarily find ways to abuse the system. That’s why it’s important for you to exercise common-sense caution when asked for information online that seems irrelevant and unnecessarily personal.

We take spam listings seriously, and that’s why we ask for your help in flagging listings you think are suspicious. Flagging an internship posting won’t get it automatically removed from, but it will tag it for immediate review. If we can’t extract enough information to confirm that the employer is legitimate, their listing(s) will be pulled.

Here are some red flags that might indicate an employer is suspicious:

  • They list a generic contact e-mail with a non-business domain name (i.e. or
  • You can’t find information about the company name in a Google search.
  • They list the same position in cities all over the United States, but the internship is not specified as work-from-home.
  • The employer requests sensitive information (social security number, checking account info) before you’ve met.
  • The listings contains frequent references to high pay but little information on the specifics of the internship program.

Remember, flagging is the best way to handle these situations. Don’t post about the employer on our Answers board, as this can lead to an embarrassing situation if your suspicions aren’t correct.

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