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February 24, 2011

When employers log in to their accounts, a number appears at the top of the page showing how many new applications they've received.

We’ve learned from keeping up with our Answers section that a lot of you aren’t just satisfied with knowing how to build and send out a resume. Like a small child that you dressed, fed, and walked to the bus stop, you want to know what happens to it when you click that button and it disappears off into Employerland.

Well, we suppose that’s only human. Today, we’re going to let you switch places and see things through the eyes of the employers you’ve been applying to.

What do they see when they get a new application? How does it get sorted in their inbox? Will they notice that portfolio file you attached? The answers to all of these questions and more lie right here in a colorful, wonderful Student Resources article.

You can find more answers like this and a really helpful guide to every step of the internship process at the Student Resources homepage.

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