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Looking for a music internship in the United States

March 14, 2011

headertreehouse1 Looking for a music internship in the United States

The wave of Brits continues on Eye of the Intern with a post from Meenal Odedra (@meenal_o), who aspires to intern in the American music industry. It’s good to hear foreign students are having some success finding U.S. internships with us, because we get asked about it pretty frequently on our Answers board.

MeenalOdedra Looking for a music internship in the United States

Meenal Odedra (meenal_o)

For the best part of 9 months, I have been searching  high and low for a perfect internship opportunity. I live and study in the UK, but have had my heart set on coming to America to work in the summer. Whilst everyone complains about the typical British summer weather (cold with the rare appearance of sun!) I hope to be in America gaining useful skills which would help me with my future career plans.

I have been involved in the music industry since I was 16, with experience in putting on events, promoting and even acting as a music manager to my peers. Gaining useful work experience with lots of well-established names in the UK music industry has made me want to reach out and gain even more skills and experience in America.

I started searching websites and contacting various people regarding internships, but it was quite difficult. Then, after reaching out over Twitter, I got a reply from someone working for Curious, I went on the website to realize it was something I’d been searching for! With so many internships being offered, it made everything so much more easier. The website is not only useful for internship inquiries, but also great with helping form a resume — a website I will be recommending to all my friends!

Since using, I have heard back from a few of the companies I applied to. I have a telephone interview next week (Wish me luck!)
I’m hoping to find my dream internship with a well-established music management company, learning the ropes in America.

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