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Student Blogger: Waiting on my summer internship

March 8, 2011

Bernice Chuang

With spring break right around the corner, the semester nearly halfway over, and summer getting closer every day, it’s that time of the year where friends, family, and cousins are starting to ask that million-dollar question:

“What are your summer plans?”

If you’re like me, you’ve probably submitted a couple of applications, heard back from a few employers and are still waiting on the rest. No matter where you are in your internship search, we’re all just waiting to figure out the optimal way to spend our precious summer.

For me, if all goes well and I graduate on time, this will probably be my last ‘official’ summer. I’ve got a couple options for the summer internship, but the likelihood of me staying in Austin this summer is pretty high.

When I applied to be in the broadcast journalism sequence, I basically signed away the next three semesters of my life saying I would stick with my cohort for the fall-spring-summer track. Because studio space is limited, our class size is determined by how many the studio can hold and how many it takes to produce a newscast. This means I should definitely stay in Austin and take summer school with the rest of my class if I want to stay on track to finish my degree.

But summer school is not exactly the most glamorous way to approach your possibly last summer ever…. so I went around and submitted some résumés and cover letters just to have some summer internship options. You’ll never know if you land that once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunity. If I do receive an irresistible offer, perhaps I’ll risk graduating a tiny bit late to gain some more experience.

It’s a tricky decision.  What are you thinking about for the summer?  School? Internship? Study abroad? Sun&fun?

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Min Kyoung March 9, 2011 at 7:51 pm


I’m going to Japan for an intership. I will do a assistant teacher job at a high school in Tokyo. Actually, my English is not that good, but the class will include some cross-cultural communication; I will represent my culture to them 😀 I’m really happy to get the internship!

I hope you enjoy your summer !!!!


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