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Salary Information for the Company You Aspire to Work With Available on

December 21, 2011

Austin Schaumberg (@A_Schaumberg) is a junior Management Information Systems major at the Bradley University, and an intern at

By Austin Schaumberg

Recently Internships and announced plans to merge Glassdoor’s vast amount of salary data directly onto listings. Internship seekers now can gain insight on income information for a gambit of full-time occupations, from entry-level up to more experienced positions at companies. By facilitating students’ research of company-specific salaries, bonuses and compensation details directly from their listings, internship seekers will now be able to evaluate what compensation they could receive if they pursue a career at one of the more than 150,000 companies listed on Glassdoor. CEO, Robin D. Richards, says “Internships are the new job interview. With seven out of every ten internships turning into full time jobs, choosing the right opportunity to pursue is critical.”

Glassdoor salary information on

Salary information for companies on is listed on the right, via Glassdoor

“Our partnership with Glassdoor enables students to understand from the get-go what their future earning potential is as they start out in their career,” said Robin D. Richards, Chairman & CEO of

As a current student and seeker, the new updates to are extremely useful. I can sift through the countless internships that I have an invested interest in, and decide if the potential salary and responsibilities involved with each are worthwhile to me. Overall, it enables ease of choosing desirable internships to apply to. The Glassdoor salary statistics combined with the integration of the “Who? Button” (which shows any connections you may have to a company, via Facebook) results in an efficient, enjoyable and valuable internship searching experience.

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