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Sparkpr: Corporate culture and choosing an employer that fits your personality

May 9, 2011

Sparkpr interns go bowling

Sparkpr interns show off their bowling shoes.

By Meghan Kelly

As a potential intern, you are inundated with advice on impressing your interviewer, being at the top of your game, landing that internship. No one ever talks about what the company needs to do for you. Company culture is an extremely important aspect of your interning experience. It’s a factor in your growth at the company and something you should vet before accepting any offer.

First, you need to discover what kind of environment you work in best. Ask yourself questions like:

  1. Do you need silence to think?
  2. Is a ping pong table important to you?
  3. Are you easily distracted?
  4. Will you participate in weekly happy hours or would you rather keep your colleague relationships at the office?

After you’ve decided what kind of atmosphere you thrive in, it’s time to start exploring each potential employer. You’ll never know exactly how a company interacts internally until you’re in the thicket. You can get an idea, however.

Dressing up in the office

Sometimes, employees get to dress creatively around the office.

Posing the question, “What is your company culture?” during an interview is not only a direct way to get the answer, but also an excellent follow-up question. This shows that you’re thinking about your future with them.

If you feel comfortable with your interviewer, ask for a tour of the office. Getting a peek at work in action is a great way to get your own read on the company.

Always remember that identifying your own needs first will help you fit theirs. You don’t want to try and fit a round peg in a square hole.

Have a question about Spark company culture? Want help finding out what culture works best for you? Leave a question in the comments!

The Sparkpr Team

Members of the Sparkpr team sometimes do fun things together, like ride carousels.

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