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Student Blogger: How to start finding an internship

January 28, 2011

Robin Selwitz

It used to be that getting your college degree was all you needed to get a great job after college, but times have changed! Grad schools and employers are looking for real-world experience when they are looking at your resume. One great way to go this is by getting an internship.

Are you thinking about an internship?

Are you required to have an internship for your major?

Getting started can be intimidating and confusing unless you know the right questions to ask and the right places to look.

Where to look

When I started my internship search, I went to talk to a career advisor at my school about jobs and internships, and while I was there I signed up for the College Central Network, which had a huge listing of internships and jobs for students and alumni of my college. is the largest internship marketplace and a great place to search.

Have your resume ready

At the end of last summer, I was emailed a job description of my company, as they were looking for interns. I read it over, and thought that this was definitely something I had the skills to do, and would enjoy.

Thankfully, I had recently completely redone my resume with the help of my father, so it was ready to send to my supervisor. I sent it along with an email explaining why I would like to do the internship, and how my passion for psychology and my customer service experience would make me a great candidate.

I heard back from my supervisor a couple days later,scheduled an interview,and was hired on the spot!

Timing is key

Figuring out when to do an internship is really important–timing was a big factor for me. I decided to do the internship my first semester of my senior year. I had been in school for a while, and knew I was ready to handle an internship as well as my other classes, but did not want do an internship the next semester because I knew I had to take a really intensive research class that would take up most of my time.

Balancing unpaid internships

The internship was originally unpaid, which caused a problem because I had to handle a part time job at the mall on top of my internship and classes. I forgot what sleep was! I eventually quit my job, but thankfully my internship ended up being a paid position.

It’s worth it

There are a lot of factors to consider when starting your search for an internship, but I can tell you from my experience so far, it’s definitely worth it! I have learned so much already and already have some crazy stories from it. It’s been great so far, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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