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Student Blogger: To Teach for America or Not?

March 10, 2011

Ryan Winn

I have held a few internships in my day (waxes nostalgic about how fast college goes by) and each and every one of them has equipped me to enter an uncertain job market.

I always assumed I would get a job, but I anticipated that I wouldn’t even have to think about accepting an offer until just before or a little after my graduation in May.

So it was a big shock having a job offer in January (it gets better…) with Teach for America (and better still…) to teach in Memphis, Tennessee.


Because of I didn’t expect this, I was largely unprepared to ask all of the questions I probably should have had ready when I knew I would hear about the Teach for America offer.

Sure, my past internships prepared me.  But truthfully I lucked out.  Throughout the process and when making my final decision, I had my family to bounce ideas off of, the support of my friends, and the council of my professors. When I heard I was accepted, I was able to carefully weigh the pros and cons of this job offer thoroughly. Coincidentally, I was making my decision the day of the State of the Union Address. I heard President Obama’s appeal to young people to teach–and yes, that factored a bit into my decision.

After a lot of consideration, I accepted the offer to teach middle school Biology in Memphis and I am so excited to move down to Tennessee at the end of May.  I’m excited to know what I’m doing after graduation and know that past internships prepared me.  But I still find it ironic that one of the only things my internship experience didn’t prepare me for was how to be ready when that offer finally came.

What about you?  Do you know what you’re doing this summer?  Or are you still looking?

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