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Tracey’s Angle- Start your search for a fall internship

July 7, 2010

It's Me!


Hey all, 

Summer is at it’s peak, and whether you’re just getting settled into your summer internship, or you’re spending your days at the beach and your nights hanging out with friends, it’s about time to start your search for a fall internship. Seriously, I know you don’t even want to think about fall semester, but don’t let your summer fun sidetrack your focus. 

Take me for example. Here I am, sitting at my desk at my summer internship, and worrying about what I am going to do during the fall. Aside from the clubs I’m in, and attending my classes, what will I do in order to build my resume? A basic campus job is always an option, but an internship sounds far more appealing. 

Below are a few things I’ll do when I start my search for my next internship:  

1.      Ask around. Asking my family,friends,classmates, and even professors about internship possibilities is always the first thing I do. Who better to contact first than the people who know you the best, and may have connections with a potential employer?  

2.      Search the Web. Of course, the Internet is a major resource for internship/job searches. Online search engines such as, are great tools to assist you in finding the perfect internship for the fall. Be sure to check weekly–employers post new listings all the time.  

3.      Crack open the paper. Don’t hesitate to keep it old school and crack open a newspaper. Contrary to popular belief, employers still use the classifieds section to attract applicants, so don’t miss out!  

4.      Start applying & follow up! After searching through all of the above venues, I would start applying to the listings I’ve found, and follow up with the employers to make sure my applications were received.  

Although searching for internships used to intimidate me, I now find it comforting to know that there are lots of resources for finding the position that is right for me! So start searching for your fall internship. After all, September is right around the corner. 

Hope this inspires all of the interns out there. 


Tracey L.  


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