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Leveraging Twitter As A Digital Networking Tool

September 13, 2011

Alisha Miranda (@makeshiftalisha) is a self-starter juggling a career that’s part traveler, part social media consultant. With a passion for connecting young professionals in a growing world of entrepreneurial opportunities, she hopes to continue being an ambassador for the DIY career-making community. Learn more about Alisha’s work at

Blogger Alisha MirandaBy Alisha Miranda

As a mid-20s freelancer always on the hunt for bigger and better gigs, I’ve learned that the old ways of job hunting are dwindling, and it’s about developing a voice on social networks, especially Twitter, to advance your next career move – whether it’s getting started with an internship or landing a major account at a reputable company.

Using Twitter as a job hunting tool means you can connect with like-minded professionals, create your own voice and online brand, participate, engage, and learn, pay it forward and become a thought leader in your industry.

Here are ways I’ve used Twitter to successfully land jobs:

1. Research and join relevant Twitter chats

There are over 250 Twitter chats thankfully curated here for you to browse according to your professional interests. Set aside an hour a day to follow the chat streams of your choice, introduce yourself in the chat and share your responses. I recommend creating a separate stream on a Twitter dashboard like Echofon or Hootsuite to make your life easier if you’re going to follow multiple chats.

Pro Tip:

Twitter chats are a great way to extend your networking skills by simply talking with other users. Remember to follow the guidelines the chat moderator has specified and have fun!

Alisha Miranda Dashboard

Alisha uses Hootsuite, a free social media engagement tool

2. Create private lists to follow

I have six separate feeds on my Twitter dashboard to segment my reading on a daily basis. Why? Because there are certain groups of users I want to follow more closely. Twitter updates fly by every second, so you never know what information you’re missing out on. Divide your Twitter stream as reading lists with targeted groups of people you want to better connect with (i.e. publications, companies, sites). Bookmark their posts with the star button to mark as a favorite, and follow-up with and watch for job leads in these lists you create.

Pro Tip:

Easily grab the attention of influencers by simply retweeting their posts, commenting on their sites, or giving them a #FollowFriday mention.

3. Start your own “Hire Me” campaign

When I decided to become a freelancer full-time, I created my own press kit that would easily outline my services, skillset and rates to share online. From there I began a #hireme campaign on Twitter where I would tweet out a link to my press kit at least once a week with the #hireme tag and using it during high traffic times of the week to gain attention in my fields. Think of positively marketing yourself with the #hireme tag in a way that makes people realize they NEED to hire you based on your talents and posts.

Pro Tip:

Create a one-pager of your work experience including your strengths and specialties, the industries you’ve worked, and the kind of projects you want to lead. Keep as a reference sheet for when promoting yourself online.

Most importantly in the job hunt, remain optimistic and proactive!

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