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Meet the Intern…Ally!

June 4, 2010

It's Ally!


 Name: Ally Maize   

School: Emory University   

Major: Undecided   

Graduation Year: 2014    

1,,)      How did you find out about your current internship – a job board, college career office, friends, etc..?   

I found out about my current internship through a family friend. I was very compelled to everything I learned about the company.  Right after hearing about the opportunity I followed up to show I was very interested.     

2)      What was the hardest part about landing this internship?    

The hardest part about landing this internship was age and lack of experience.  I just finished high school and I am soon to be a college freshman so there are many other perspective interns that have more experience then I do.  Regardless of my lack of age, I was still offered the internship because of the potential they saw in me, and my accomplishments from high school.      

3)      After your interview, what did you say in your thank you note to the interviewer? (Did you send a thank you note?)    

I did not send a thank you note, but I did send a thank you email to both of the people who interviewed me. Looking back on the situation I probably should have, but now I know for next time!    

4)      What are you working on in this internship/what are your duties?    

I am working on various things from helping with social networking to advertising.  I do not know everything that this internship entails, but I’m ready for anything they throw at me!    

5)       What is your favorite part of this internship?    

My favorite part of my internship is the variety of projects I am going to work on.  I like the fact that I don’t do the same thing every day so this internship is never boring.  There are a lot of different departments in this company, so I am happy that I help out all of them instead of just one to gain a variety of experience.    

6)      What’s your ultimate career goal?    

My ultimate career goal is to be successful working at a job that I’m passionate in. I would love to work in some kind of business, but I’m not sure what my focus will be yet.  As I said before I am just about to start college, so I still have a while to figure it all out.    

7)      How is this internship helping you toward that goal (what do you hope to gain from this internship?)    

I am just starting my internship, but I hope to gain some working experience, which will further help me in my professional career.  The experience I am gaining is in many different fields, which will help me figure out what I really want to focus on in the future.     

8)      How many internships do you expect to complete by the time you graduate?    

I hope to have an internship every summer. Once I figure out exactly what I want to pursue, internships will probably be more beneficial for me.    

9)      What’s the #1 piece of advice you’d give to prospective interns about how to get an employer’s attention and stand out during the internship application process?    

I would tell them to always be attentive and to try to learn as much as they can because that is the intention of internships.                         

10)   Conciseness test!  In 250 characters or less, how do you answer this tough internship interview question:  “What’s your greatest weakness?'    

My greatest weakness would have to be not being able to implement my ideas until I am comfortable with my surroundings.  I tend to be a little timid until I am really comfortable in my work place and with the people around me.  Fortunately the office of my current internship is very welcoming and comfortable, so this has not been a problem thus far. From identifying this weakness I have come to the conclusion that is important to learn a company’s culture and way of operation before stepping in or saying something that is out of line.

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