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"Meet the Intern"…Stephanie

May 27, 2010

It's Me!

Meet The Intern:  10 Questions With…

Name: Stephanie Mutzman

School: The Ohio State University

Major: Marketing (Design minor)

Graduation Year: 2011

1,,)       How did you find out about your current internship – a job board, college career office, friends, etc..?

I opened an account on and Synthia (Student Marketing & Internship Coordinator) sent me an email asking if I would be interested in a position with (On-Campus Marketing Intern at OSU)

2)      What was the hardest part about landing this internship?

Convincing Synthia I had some great ideas to implement during the internship.

3)      After your interview, what did you say in your thank you note to the interviewer? (Did you send a thank you note?)

Actually, I did not send a thank you note, because I was offered the job later on the same day of my interview. Although, looking back on it I should have sent one anyway.

4)      What are you working on in this internship? What are your duties?

I am trying to get the word out about, and inform students of its value and what it has to offer.

5)       What is your favorite part of this internship?

Being able to complete the assignments at my own pace

6)      What’s your ultimate career goal?

I want to be a marketer for a sports team or retail corporation.

7)      How is this internship helping you toward that goal? What do you hope to gain from this internship?

I hope to gain some solid knowledge about marketing as well as working on my persuasion skills. I also hope to learn creative ways to go about completing tasks. This will help me to learn to be a creative problem solver in my future jobs.

8)      How many internships do you expect to complete by the time you graduate?

I hope to complete at least two to three internships before I graduate.

9)      What’s the #1 piece of advice you’d give to prospective interns about how to get an employer’s attention and stand out during the internship application process?

Play up your personal strengths. Find something about yourself that is unique and different from every other applicant. Show you are truly interested in the position and give detailed examples of how you will be the best choice.

10)   Conciseness test!  In 250 characters or less, how do you answer this tough internship interview question:  “What’s your greatest weakness?'

I would say that my greatest weakness is that I sometimes take on too many responsibilities. I often commit to a lot of different activities, which can sometimes become overwhelming. Over the years I have learned how to prioritize my commitments and I’ve realized it’s okay to let certain things go until tomorrow. I always want to do my best at whatever task I’m given, thus putting a lot of pressure on myself to achieve that. I am not happy or satisfied with my performance unless I know it is my best, which can sometimes drive me crazy.

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