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Sweet Tweets

July 23, 2010

Week 2 of Sweet Tweets!

Let ‘s be serious, we all spend some time throughout the day checking our Twitter and various other feeds. If you’re lucky (like me!), you get paid to. Throughout the week we come across A LOT of tweets about interns and internships. What are some of you thinking!?

Some are purely for laughs and some just might teach you a lesson or two.

Seen any Sweet Tweets lately? Share ‘em in the comments section.

@Marilyncjcx: Intern on the phone:”And where was the body? (pause) And it was dead, right?

@CapturedPixies: Anyone out there looking for a summer internship in motherhood? I have an opening.

@CallMeHoppe: We have a disappearing intern who apparently likes to leaves his things in the hallway as opposed to one of the 4 offices open to him.

@GeoffreyKutnick: “Hey! Hey shawty. Where do you intern?” This might be the greatest pick up line of all time. I mean 10% of the time it works EVERYTIME.

@Jenn_Geez: The conversation I just had: my butt: FARRRRRRRT my mouth: Hahahaha! the intern: …….

@tilKJisSinginLa: i miss tuesday intern, “protein shake guy”. walkin around, shakin his protein shake, sex eyeing me. all 5 foot 1, 105lbs of him. *sigh*

@TaskRabbit: We r singing that too (b/c one intern forgot deodorant today.) RT @mkarolian: Rocking out to “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” in the office.

@lisaann2: well it takes forever to fax 115 sheets…#intern

@McsSportsFix: @orange_runner @NunesMagician I think I shouldn’t have put the intern out on the roof to clean the gutters during these storms…….I think

@angemarie: Nothing says, “I’m an intern! Take me seriously!” like red leopard print pants. –@nicolettemyers

@medusa7111: intern said she’ll drive next time because her ‘AC is better’ which was a beautiful sugar-coat for ‘You drive like a Gma & it sucks’

@ameliatrace: “I just found an envelope full of hair.” — our intern, handily demonstrating why we don’t take folks up to the attic.

@nnkauffman: just cracked a beer at my desk. not so bad, this internship.

@Emmaleigh504: Burn! Chick intern so shot down dude intern. He’d have more of a chance if he dressed better or had better hair or was cute.

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