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Sweet Tweets

August 13, 2010

Episode 4.

We all spend some time throughout the day checking Twitter and various other feeds. If you’re lucky (like me!), you get paid to. We come across A LOT of tweets about interns and internships, what are some of you thinking!?

Seen any Sweet Tweets lately? Share ‘em in the comments section.


@kmbaldau: Can it be “Bring the Intern Red Bull” Thursday? No? Back to the dungeon? Ok, ok. Geez. Just a suggestion.

@turnermiles: This is the last day for my intern “Barrett” and this kid is going places! Mostly going back to @LibertyUniversity though. Ha.

@chloe_hannah: “Chloe should consider that although doodling can be considered a cognitive tool, the professional world does not agree” -intern evaluation

@wicked12: The intern just came in & found me slumped down, picking at my split ends. There goes the belief that Im up here doing Very Important Things

@smvernalis: If you’re old enough to intern on Capitol Hill, you’re too old to bring your lunch in a Hello Kitty lunch box.

@WHOilResponse: WH Intern Rob: “Why didn’t #BP just dump #Dawn on the #oilspill instead of #dispersant? It works on the TV commercials.”

@kevinacote: Let my internship know of my desired salary range…50,000-75,000 w/ benefits package and a free case of beer a month…seems pretty fair.

@SmokeArianna: My Sister Told Me When She Used to Intern for the Maury Show She Would Get Cursed Out By Baby Momma’s All The Time lmao

@Florencia0129: Where are you going, a funeral?”A writer to a new intern wearing a suit and a tie /noedtd

@agayinNYC: I think my intern is wearing her walk of shame outfit. Last night’s high heels and mascara smeared around her eyes guzzling a venti ice cofe

@neofuturists: “Glitter is the herpes of crafts. It never really goes away.” Our intern Lily, last night during the attempted MY LITTLE PONY cleanup.

@mydunktank: Our intern’s email signature says Junior Vice President of Job Titles

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