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Sweet Tweets

September 3, 2010

We’re back! Sweet Tweets – Number 5.

We all spend some time throughout the day checking Twitter and various other feeds. If you’re lucky (like me!), you get paid to. Below are some of the silly tweets we found while tweavesdropping this week!

As always, share any Sweet Tweets you find in the comments section.


@jennfields: Intern: I once snuck a whole rotisserie chicken into a movie theater under my coat. #internquotes

@BrienneYvonne: Our Korean intern has requested that we call him by his new American name…when asked why he says…”I paid good money for this name!” lmao

@chazwahl: There is an intern here that brushes his teeth all the time…I’ve never seen anything like it…seriously, every time I see him…brushing

@steph326: after 2 yrs, our intern is moving on. He chose Cheesecake Factory for farewell lunch. We’ll always remember him by the 4 lbs we gain today.

@dfuria: The best part of my internship ending? Not having to see my boss’ chest hair every day. #The70scalled…

@nikkigorman: awesome: my new intern is a girl who hit on my (ex)boyfriend at a party once. #storyofmylife

@MysteryExec: Called intern to let her know I needed her to pick up laxatives. Said she already had some in her purse. Kid’s goin’ places. #anorexia #win

@califoodnia: Today, my intern found out that I was two years younger than her. Awkwardness ensued. FML.

@vaincreep: Saying goodbye to your intern is like losing a limb on the battlefield. Don’t tell me that I don’t know what Vietnam was like.

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