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Sweet Tweets

September 10, 2010

Numero seis.

Let’s get straight to it. Here are the Sweet Tweets this week:

@AlexThePhotog: Me to the intern: “We’re not, not paying you to sit around.”

@KateHarper: I reviewed an intern application today that included Call of Duty statistics. I haven’t yet decided if I’m offended or impressed.

@ByrnedAlive Killed the intern plant. Buying a cactus.

@BassemDahdouh: 10 minutes into a conversation at my internship I ask “So what are your duties around here?” then I get a “Oh, I’m the CFO.” #intern #fail

@mollynussbaum: Have just been given permission to spend the afternoon coloring. #intern

@jengelballs: I need an intern. I can offer high fives, lots of cold water, plenty of “go wild with it” creative work. Who’s applying?

@KillamAll: Don’t believe me? The new intern at our County out-earns every single employee we have except the owner.

@prettyblkprncs: My 16 year old intern just told me that even though I’m young, i’m the oldest young person in the world. LOL. wow. am i that bad?

@priyabtsung: Realizing how old I’m getting when my 19 year old intern doesn’t know any songs from #KROQ’s #90s lunch hour… ugh #fml

@hoyasuxa: Just sent an intern on a beer run. If we’re going to be here all night we may as well get KABOOM’D

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