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Sweet Tweets

July 16, 2010

Let ‘s be serious, we all spend some time throughout the day checking our Twitter and various other feeds. If you’re lucky (like me!), you get paid to. Throughout the week we come across A LOT of tweets about interns and internships. What are some of you thinking!?

Some are purely for laughs and some just might teach you a lesson or two.

Seen any Sweet Tweets lately? Share ’em in the comments section.

@cornfieldginger: Dropped my Diet Coke on the floor. Fugly intern boy make a crack about my “wet cans.” We had a good laugh. Anyways, he’s fired.

@tothepeople: i almost pulled aside an intern to tell her that her skirt was too long.

@littlealex_: Oh, Danny the Intern… what trouble will you get into next?!?! Seriously, now we have to kill you.

@nateehrich: One of our summer intern programmers just turned out to be an accomplished break dancer. How do we leverage that?

@OHnewsroom: Editor after intern faints and comes back around: “Oh thank God, I thought we killed the intern.'

@ILoveEyeballs: That was too short. I’m tired. I wonder if the intern will do all my exams for me this afternoon… *yawn*

@jodipicoult: Update on Jake at the autopsy: He didn’t faint. But another intern did. Sadly, it was the intern who wanted to be a medical examiner…

@nico117: trying to force the boy intern into the Relay for Life drag contest. He has an attitude about it. Wouldn’t you go drag for cancer?

@richard_j_m: I’d like an intern too – don’t think I could eat a whole one though. Could fit on my BBQ though #internroast

@julz9600: Oh the intern just got here. *turns down the music*

@mattyglesias: Intern season? Lost and found keys at CAP “have a Hanna Montana Glam Rocker mini flashlight on the key ring.”

@westaby: “My life coach’s name is Jack. Daniels, that is.” – Greg The Intern

@SusanJGray: My new favorite person: the law school intern who confessed to me that she used $8k of her student loans for a boob job (they’re fabulous!)

@HRCase: Boss: “I love the intern.” Employee: “Yeah, she does great work!” Boss: “No. Like LOVE love. Like divorce city.”

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