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How on EARTH did you get here? Part II

April 1, 2011

Did You Mean

By Alex Braun

I feel compelled to share these search terms people actually typed to arrive at this blog, because they routinely make my day when I’m looking through our WordPress stats.

We know that people come to Eye of the Intern for a variety of reasons, some of which have little to do with internships or career development. At the same time, some of these searches are so ludicrous that it simply boggles my mind to imagine people typing them into Google. Here are some gems from the past week alone:

“uncomfortable artwork”

Angry headIf it’s not awkward, this person doesn’t want to see it.


Unfortunately, the list removes all letter casing and punctuation, so I can’t tell you whether this was typed in all caps by an agitated caveman. I can only hope.

“who has done the nordstrom summer intern”

Maybe you want to rephrase that. Or perhaps not.

Jersey Shore intern

Jersey Shore interns must be able to produce a robust grenade warning.

“jersey shore internships”

Can you responsibly supervise laundry? Are you a detox expert? Can you operate a grenade whistle?

“jorts kentucky”

Yes, the Bluegrass State is also the Blue Shorts State.

“are crispin glover interships paid”

I wished so hard that this was real so I could write a post about it, but George McFly does not appear to be seeking assistants.

“prince pirate shirt”

Crispin Glover

Crispin Glover is NOT hiring.

After some research, I eventually realized that we did once post a picture of Prince in a pirate shirt on this very blog. Ah, the good old days.

But wait … there’s more. Check out our original list by clicking here.

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