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The Coffee Run: How on EARTH did you get here?

February 23, 2011

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We’re finally putting this blog on our site this week as opposed to the vast sea of WordPress, which is why I sometimes wonder how some of you have gotten here in the first place.

Actually, I kinda know already. Every day, WordPress shows us list of the search terms people enter to arrive at Eye of the Intern from distant lands, and from it, I am forced to conclude that some of you are severely, severely deranged.

Here’s a list of actual, real-life search queries that have lead people to this blog in the past week, accompanied by my brief observations.

“intern boss pay for lunch”


“office women stick drawing’

It’s not hard to draw your own, you know.

“the eternal intern”


“school psychologists who hate their jobs”

Coming this fall to NBC.

“employers who offer free food”

This probably came in around lunchtime.


You literally just typed “sweet” into Google? Cool story, bro.

“what do you want to gain from this internship? Ey”

Silvio Berlusconi,is that you?

“combating office coffee wars”

If each team gets different colored  pinnies,you all are having WAY too much fun for a recession.

“people want the salary of CEO with the responsibility of an intern”


“coffee run meaning”

You’re overthinking it, dude. It has very simple connections to string theory, the Great Pyramid and Nostradamus.

“stupid facts”

You found us!

“don’t like the IT intern”

Does anyone?

Coffee Run AlexThanks, everyone. You make my job entertaining.

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