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The Coffee Run: This is the thanks they get

November 24, 2010

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Guys, it’s that time of the year. We get to spend an insane amount of money on an over-the-top meal that mostly ends up in the trash. We assemble family members who give us every reason to avoid them for the vast majority of the year. And, when you consider the fact that many businesses take Thursday and Friday off work, we do so at the expense of billions of dollars of productivity.

And still, there is much to be thankful for.

I, for one, like to begin my holiday season a day before Thanksgiving. While some treat “Black Wednesday' as a monument to poor life choices, I like to get the party started with positive cheer early in the afternoon, when I’m still reasonably sober and at work. After all, as Tim Canterbury once said, people spend more time with their co-workers than they do friends and family. Aren’t they entitled to some words of appreciation?


The Bearded Hipster. His armor of cynicism seemed tough to crack, and he was always scanning for passive signs that someone was trying to assign him more work. But when you strategically left a DeLorean T-shirt,a crushed can of Four Loko and a pill bottle with blacked-out prescription lines in the back of your compact car,it sparked a parking lot discussion that led to a lasting alliance. Now the fool even picks up your morning coffee from that place nobody else knows about.

The Quiet Bald Guy. He was never the loudest voice in the room, and when his dome arose, his influence receded. But you and I know that deep inside, Quiet Bald Guy is crying out to be noticed for something other than his combover. One day, you stopped by his desk and told him that his section of the strategic initiatives PowerPoint made some really important points that deserved more attention. Then he mentioned that his ex-wife was skiing in Brno with some loser. That part was actually really awkward. But you’re friends now, sort of.

The Cat Lady. Everyone knows that spreadsheet projects just aren’t your style – except your boss, apparently. But Cat Lady excels at Excel. So you sucked it up and complimented the felines bounding through a verdant meadow on her cat calendar, even though nothing about that image is relevant to November. Then you pretended to be awwww-struck as she whipped out her phone and revealed disturbing pictures of free-thinking creatures forced to wear bonnets. Now she’s more than happy to organize a client list for you. Excellent.

The Delivery Man. When your burrito cravings strike, he never lets you down. Now, if Wednesday traffic is bad, he’ll even call you to place your order early. When you’re buried in drudge work, Delivery Man’s gallant stroll, loose-fitting Hawaiian shirt and cheerful whistle brings warm feelings to your heart and peace to your stomach. (At least until mid-afternoon.) And he doesn’t even mind when you razz him about how awful the Bengals are.

Coffee Run AlexWho are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season? Give them a shout-out in the comments below, and we’ll repost some of our favorites on Facebook or Twitter.

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