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3 Steps to Start Planning Your Study Abroad Adventure

December 11, 2012

Now is the time to start planning for your study abroad adventure. If you’d like to study abroad in the next year, you need to start planning now. Here are the first three items you should tackle:

1. Choose a program

There are literally thousands of study abroad options available. Start by narrowing down your search depending on crucial criteria (i.e. length of stay, subject of study). You can find a program quickly and easily by filtering down the endless list of programs to find exactly what you want.

Popular destinations include England, Italy and France.

2. Talk to your support system

Meet with your academic advisor to ensure you can stay on track to graduate on time, plan the coursework you need to take before you go abroad, the coursework you should save and take while abroad and the coursework that you will need to take after you return. Talk with your parents about why, when and where you want to study abroad. Deciding to study abroad is often a family decision, and having an open conversation with them can help both you and them plan the best study abroad trip for you as possible.

3. Get your finances in order

Funding study abroad is often a concern of many students and parents; however it doesn’t need to break the bank. In fact, many students can apply their current financial aid packages toward their study abroad programs. Plus, there are a variety of scholarship opportunities available too. When choosing your funding options, it’s important to remember to start early, ask for help and seek multiple resources.

Beginning the planning process early will provide ample time to complete all the necessary steps. Learn more about starting the study abroad process today.

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