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Tracey’s Angle- Can an internship help direct your course of study?

August 23, 2010

It's me!

Fellow interns,

Similar to our college educations, our experiences as interns aid us in deciding which field we wish to pursue in regards to our careers.  The below are a few ways in which I have found my internship experiences helpful when making a decision about what to study in school.

Remember that life is about trial & error. Not only does having real-life experience give you a competitive edge in the workforce, but it also enables you to weed out job responsibilities, and other related career details that you may not want to partake in, in the future.

Branch out from what’s required Typically, students pursue degrees that will help them find a job in the correlating field that they are interested in.  I would advise that instead of only taking classes that are required for your major, or that stick to the same lines, stray away from what you know and take electives that deal with your passions and/or other various interests.  After taking a few of these outer boundary classes, you may realize the career path that you are currently on, is not the path that you wish to continue traveling down.

Talk to your boss.  There’s no better form of communication than pure human to human interaction.  Asking your boss and/or supervisor about how they catered their internships and course study towards their career path can help you to decide what you want to do.  For instance, if you are majoring in business marketing,and you have a law based internship,you can ask your supervisor about what he or she studied in school to get to where they are.  He or she may even give you further insight as to what they majored in while in college, and what internships and jobs that they had prior to their current position.

So, can an internship help direct your course of study? Of course! We learn from our experiences in college, and they guide us down the path’s that we take in our future.  Having an internship can teach you things about yourself that you may not have learned otherwise, and can save you time when choosing your course of study.

Best of luck and adios,

Tracey L.

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