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Tracey’s Angle- Have You Ever Thought About Interning On Campus?

August 12, 2010

It's Me!

Hello all!

While finding an internship off-campus can be extremely valuable and noteworthy, many of us forget to inquire about available, or invisible, positions that are on our college campuses.  We have grown so accustomed to the notion of an internship being in the real world that we forget that our campuses lay down the foundation for our real world development.  Think about it; college campuses have a plethora of departments that reflect nearly all possible fields of study.

There are several ways that one can search for an internship on his or her college campus…

1. Check your career center. In most cases, college career centers have listings of on campus job opportunities in their office or online. Check out these listings, and see if you’re interested in what they’ve got to offer.

2.  Become a Research Assistant. Most college campuses have hundreds, sometimes thousands, of professors who conduct research within their field of study. Ask your favorite professor, or another professor who you know is searching for help, if you may apply to be their assistant.  Not only will you be able to put both the research and the position on your resume, but most of the time these types of internships pay!

3. Ask Around, and create your own internship. Like I mentioned previously,your campus has an entire host of departments,and you’re bound to find one that interests you. For instance, if you’re interested in Sports Management or Sport Marketing, then you can search your school’s Athletics department administrators, and email them to inquire about a position within the department. You never know who needs a little help.

I hope that all of these tips have helped you out, I know that they’ve helped me. Best of luck on your on-campus internship search this fall!

Tracey L.

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pedro Swaby August 18, 2010 at 1:00 pm

Nice article.

I tried the research assistant by emailing professors the beginning of this summer and none of them replied.

I did this to avoid travelling back and forth 4 hours on a train just to see who needs help or not.

Well, its a try try again thing I have to do once the fall semester starts.


Pete August 23, 2010 at 2:59 pm

Many professors are much less available over the summer than over the regular academic year; some are friendlier than others, and many will not bother with E-Mail until you have met them in person.

Ask around and network!

Start with the faculty you have met; your academic advisor, past professors, even the department head of your major can all be a great start. Look for posted Office Hours, many professors

Ask for references: “Do you know anyone who…” is much more successful than “I’m looking for someone who…”

While E-Mail is a great tool, flipping through your campus phone directory (usually posted on your campus website) and dialing a few numbers (starting with the faculty you do know) is another communication approach that 21st century internet folk tend to overlook.

Avoid sending more than one E-Mail or leaving more than one voice message. A polite and succinct first impression goes a long way.


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