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Best of 2010 EOTI Posts (In no particular order or rank…)

January 7, 2011

Alex's Boss

This Internship Was Creepy – Poor, poor Alex. He should’ve instead titled this post as “This internship was extremely creepy and potentially dangerous/life-threatening.’ Glad you made it back to America so we could laugh at with you about this great adventure.

What’s The Deal With Investment Banking? – Our guest blogger Bill not only explained the role of an intern in the intimidating investment banking industry, but included excellent sample questions and answers for the interview. It sounds intense, insane, and I want to apply!

Interning in the NFL – This is another one of those posts that makes me wish I could be a professional intern. I’m not even a guy (I’m not being stereotypical but stereotypically the NFL has a large mostly male following) and I want to intern for the NFL after reading this! I’m not picky and don’t have a particular team that I root for, so…

5 in 5! with SIRIUS XMSirius XM loves their interns. You can just tell. It seems like one of those workplaces where all the cool kids work and everyone hangs out even though they’re not forced to but you’re still learning a whole ton and know not to cross the line between work hard-play hard. It might have something to do with their boss, who did this interview.

One of those says "Clean My Desk"

The Coffee Run: The 7 Most Worthless Office Supplies – The most precious office commodity? Post-its. Where would I be without my Post-its. Agreed though, the dispenser is completely unnecessary. Unless you only have one hand…

Meet the Intern: Green Mike – We held a photo contest over the summer. The pictures we got were ridiculous, and Green Mike has been my desktop wallpaper ever since.

Sweet Tweets – I do lots of what I like to call “tweavesdropping.’ Some of the things people say on Twitter about their interns and their internships are completely inappropriate. Some, though, are just plain silly. It’s the INTERNET people, and I can see what you’re saying…

Tips for Getting a Sports Industry Internship – If you don’t have the skills to become a professional athlete (How many of us do? Like,none.) then the next best thing is to get into the industry. Also,“I’m a sports agent’ sounds totally awesome.

Back to the Future: Avoiding Missteps Before They Happen – Not only is this some great advice for anyone who is starting a new internship, it is completely doable. It’s also a great mini-assessment if you’ve just ended your internship and aren’t quite sure what went wrong.

Video: What NOT to do at an Interview – One of the things our Spring 2010 interns had to do was create a video based on the resources we offered on our site. Vicki came up with this extreme version of a bad interview. I can only hope that one day a potential intern will walk into an interview like this… “A Resu-what?’

Cheers to 2010!