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Create a Fantasy Company and Compete for $10,000

June 13, 2011

My Fantasy Company tree

Choose your friends wisely. Ones with more work experience will raise your company's value.

By Alex Braun

Ever wondered what it would be like to start your own business? Ask this guy: It takes a lot of grueling work before you make any money.

Fortunately, the same is not true of our new My Fantasy Company competition, being held from now through Aug. 8 on CareerAmp.

To get everyone hyped about this groundbreaking new career tool, we wanted to inject a little extra fun into the process of building up your employer connections. So as of this afternoon, we’ve added a mini-game that lets you assemble a corporation from your list of Facebook friends. At the end of the quiz, you’ll know the cold statistics of what your friends are worth when you get tagged with a company value.

In the most successful fantasy companies, the boss is well-connected and the employees have lots of experience.

My Fantasy Company Leaderboard

See where you rank in the running for $10,000 and our weekly cash prizes on the Fantasy Company Leaderboard.

Let’s say your friend Rob has five employers listed under “Work Experience” on his Facebook profile. Each of these employers will boost your company value if you name Rob as your new VP of Marketing. You’d also get a boost if you chose Cindy and her three Facebook-listed employers; just not as big.

You also can get a higher fantasy company value by getting other friends to join you on CareerAmp. When they add the app, your total connections will jump to include their Facebook friends. Every time this number goes up, so does your company value.

Each week, you’ll be competing against other users for a cash prize, starting somewhere over $100. (We’ll technically send you a check. But same difference.) The value of the prize rises as more people join the contest, so as it gets harder to win, the reward gets higher.

And here’s the big news: The “CEO” who has the highest company value at noon on Aug. 8 wins a cool $10,000.

Not Facebook credits. Real American currency.CareerAmp logo

To put yourself and your friends in business, download CareerAmp and click on the ‘My Fantasy Company’ quiz on the ‘Coffee Break’ tab. Or you can click on this link, if you like shortcuts.

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