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Featured Student: Melissa DiVietri

July 22, 2011

Every Friday, we’ll have a new Featured Student who will share some fun facts about themselves,  be featured on the Employer home page, and get a fun gift from us.

Just for being so awesome.

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Melissa DiVietriMelissa DiVietri

Twitter: @missydi | Website:

Upon graduating from Ferris State University in printing management, I am instrumental in the growth of publisher business development for my internship at a Detroit advertising firm. My youth gives an edge as an organically developed social media expert and accomplished graphic designer.

I am following my passion in design and music. As a student intern, I have expanded my new media expertise through marketing and communications relations. Most of my clients have reached out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter; this establishes a real-person relationship. When the summer is over and my internship is finished, my main goal is to have an understanding of digital advertising. Another goal that I have set through this internship is to open doors in the Detroit movement and make a name for myself in the Motor City automotive ad vertical network and other Detroit advertising companies.

When I am not busy at the office, I am on an adventure traveling. This summer I have flown more than 6,000 miles and driven close to 12,000 miles across the country. I believe that networking in new places with people you have never met will open doors to the right opportunity. My ultimate goal is to work in 30 countries before I retire. ‘Hard-working’ is an understatement when you describe my work ethic; I’m a perfectionist who gets it done.

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