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The Gen Y Vote: More Young People Voting in 2012

October 9, 2012

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We recently partnered with Millennial Branding and released a study on the Gen Y vote. The study shows how young people (age 18 to 29) will be voting in the 2012 presidential election, what issues they care most about, who influences their vote and more. This online survey of 2,236 Gen Y’s was conducted on September 14th.

According to personal branding expert Dan Schawbel, “Gen Y has become a powerful force in politics with an army of 80 million strong and will have a major impact on who wins the 2012 presidential elections.” Here are a few key highlights and findings about Gen-Y from the recently published study:

  • 48% believe that their parents most influence their vote (aside from themselves). After their parents, their friends were the next biggest influence, followed by their co-workers and then celebrities. When it comes to politics, celebrities don’t influence the youth vote.
  • 55% feel that the Economy is the most important issue in this election.
  • 58% will be following the election on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. TV is still the number one source of election coverage for Gen Y since 76% will be tuning in. The third most popular medium was newspapers and magazines at 55% and then radio at 23%. Only 36% are willing to share their political opinions online.

Lots of campaigns are currently looking for interns and volunteers during the busy election season, so search now if you’re interested in participating in and helping to guide our country’s future.

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