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February 1, 2011

Photo by Ricardo Liberato

Right now, all I can tell you is the acronym: WWUDIWPYT. But believe me when I say that the contest is unveiling next week is our most ambitious, least economically titled yet.

We like giving gifts out around here. Anyone who’s participated in our student blogging or is an active, highly rated user knows we spit Amazon gift cards out pretty liberally. But this next initiative is much bigger than that – in fact, it’s hundreds of times bigger. It’s the type of thing that will undoubtedly change someone’s life.

And we want that change to happen to YOU.

To be one of the first contestants with a shot at the contest’s massive prize, type in your e-mail on our WWUDIWPYT teaser page. As soon as we launch, we’ll send you an introductory video and instructions on how to submit your creative entry.

Until then, we’d like to hear your guess as to what our acronym means in the comments. Here are some of the most wildly off-base suggestions we’ve heard so far:

  • Wise Wizards Usually Donate Incantations When Pondering Yearly Taxes
  • Why Would Ugly Dogs Identify With Pretty Yellow Ties?
  • Will Wily Underwear Disagree Intensely With Painting Your Tush?
  • We Won! U Didn’t. I Will Prize Your Tears.
  • Whales Will Unite Despite Incessant Work Parties You Throw
  • Why Would U Devise Inaccurate Weekly Projections, You Twit!
  • Where’s Waldo? Under Detroit Interstate (94) Whittling Pencils, Yelling Things

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