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Introducing our Student Bloggers!

January 4, 2011

We’ve found 10 awesome students and recent grads from across the country who will be blogging for us over the next six months.

bl-bl-bl-BLOGGIN' (shirt from Threadless)

Every Tuesday and Thursday we’ll have a new post from one of them. They’ll be writing about school, schedules, dream jobs, next internships, graduation, and their ongoing journeys toward career nirvana….or at least a good job.


Hello, bloggers :,,)

  • Bernice Chuang – Journalism, Human Relations
  • David Roberts – Finance Major, History Minor
  • Irina Dykhne – Comparative Lit, Political Science
  • Kelly Rogers – Marketing
  • Paris Mackey – Journalism, Public Relations
  • Robin Selwitz – Psychology
  • Ryan Winn – American Government and Philosophy
  • Sarah Alfarhan – Illustration (Design Track)
  • Taryn Sidney – Communication & Mass Media
  • Vannessa Vargas – Media Productions

Check out their full bios, photos, and schools here. Have any topic requests? Leave them in the comments below!


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