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Win a Trip to Thailand from Contiki and ZICO Coconut Water

September 20, 2012

Contiki & ZICO - Thailand Giveaway

Whether you’re juggling an internship with a  full load of classes, out celebrating milestone birthdays, or traveling halfway across the world – keeping your body hydrated is an absolute must. Contiki believes that good things come to those who hydrate and have partnered up with ZICO to send you on a trip to Thailand!

ZICO’s hydration comes from the coconuts of tropical destinations like Thailand, so it only makes sense to give away a trip to the legendary beaches of this Asian paradise!

Win a Thailand Trip

Not only are Contiki and ZICO giving away a trip to Thailand, they want to make sure you stay hydrated along the way by supplying the winner with a stash of coconut water. Here is a small list of good things that come to those who hydrate:

  • Staying energized during your flight
  • Fighting off jet lag
  • Avoiding altitude sickness
  • Keeping cool while soaking up the sun
  • Enjoying daily adventures and activities with Contiki

Win a trip. Stay hydrated. Enter now to win a Thai Island Hopper Adventure from Contiki and ZICO.

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