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Just Got Hired: Ayanna Sinclair

September 15, 2013

Every week, we’ll feature new students who Just Got Hired by using They’ll share some fun facts about themselves and their new internship. Congratulations!

Just Got Hired

Intern Ayanna Sinclair

Hired at Cornerstone Agency/The Fader

Ayanna is currently pursuing my B.B.A. with a concentration in Marketing at Howard University.

What are you looking forward to with your new internship?
I knew having a regular 9 to 5 wasn’t going to be a fulfilling experience for me; this is the perfect match. Confession: I thought this internship was too good to be true. Working within Music & Lifestyle Promotions is something I honestly look forward to doing.

What do you love most about your internship?
My internship with Cornerstone Agency/The Fader is amazing and I am elated to be working with such an incredible force in the industry.

How did help you land your internship at Cornerstone Agency/The Fader? is truly the best internship site out there. Within days of completing my full profile and applying for internships that suited my exact interests,  I was able to find the perfect internship.  Thank you (a million hugs – xoxo)!

Thank you Ayanna for sharing your success story!

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