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Just Got Hired: Dominique Van Ausdall

March 8, 2013

Every Friday, we’ll have a new Featured Student who will share some fun facts about themselves and be featured on the Student home page. Just for being so awesome.

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Dominique Van Ausdal, Development & Communications Intern at Elite Research

Dominique Van Ausdal is majoring in Business Administration at the University of Texas. He is also pursuing a Teaching Certification in Mathematics at UTeach Dallas for grades 4-8.

What excites you most about your new internship?
I am excited for this internship mainly because I will gain valuable business experience that I can take and use in the future. It will also keep me a bit busy, more organized, and more motivated during the semester.

When you are not interning, what do you like to do with your free time?
I run a lot, participate in triathlons, and just try to stay in shape. I am also a huge football fan, constantly reading anything involving the sport.

How did help you find your internship with Elite Research?
I wouldn’t have this internship position if I hadn’t been on and applied for the job position. I really couldn’t find a valuable source for internships anywhere else online, not even my school’s career center site.

Thanks Dominique for sharing your story! Students, want to be the next intern to get featured, start searching now!

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