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Just Got Hired: Nicole Canale

August 2, 2013

Every week, we’ll feature new students who Just Got Hired by using They’ll share some fun facts about themselves and their new internship. Congratulations!

Just Got Hired

Intern Nicole Canale

Hired at Voice of Immigration Marriage Fraud Victims

Nicole is a rising junior at Liberty University, studying Western Legal Traditions. This summer she is interning with AGV Sports group, working in close connection with Voice of Immigration Marriage Fraud Victims.

What are you most excited for with your new internship?
I am very excited about this internship because it broadens my horizon. I am a firm believer that I will not grow or be challenged unless I am put outside my comfort zone.

What do you do at your new internship?
With Voice of Immigration Marriage Fraud I am contacting Senators and Representatives, challenging them to add amendments dealing with immigration marriage fraud to current bills in the House. This internship has really opened my eyes to how the issue of immigration plays a role in our government.

How did help you land your internship at Voice of Immigration Marriage Fraud Victims? had a big hand in getting me this internship because it opened my eyes to different opportunities in my area that I would not have know of otherwise.

Thank you Nicole for sharing your success story!

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