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Student Blogger: Keeping well-rounded (and entertained) with volunteer work

April 11, 2011

Student Blogger

Vannessa Vargas

By Vannessa Vargas

I can probably guess you already know what this blog is going to be about: Internships and schoolwork! It has been tough trying to keep up with the Joneses on time management. I have a job and I go to school, plus I blog for

I have been trying to maintain a schedule between my work and school, not to mention study time. It has been quite the learning experience. I also have been looking toward the future and deciding what I am going to do next, especially when my gig is up as a blogger for this site. I have found out that my hometown has a film festival coming up with Q-and-A’s at the end. This will be a great way to learn more about the technical aspects of this business, especially when it comes to someone seeing your work and the funding of your project.

Houston International Festival

Vannessa plans to volunteer at this year's Houston International Festival, or iFest.

I am at that tricky stage where one tries to find like-minded people to help her/him on their way. I recently have found that you don’t necessarily need to have an internship. Volunteer work is just as great. Even if you are volunteering for something that may not be exactly in your field of work, you will be learning and gaining new experiences.

Recently, I signed up to help at a local festival in my home city. It is an international festival that showcases different cultures around the world. The entertainment is a mixed bag of musicians and dancers from different parts of the world and the food is a variety of cultural goodies. I will be part of the “Hospitality Crew,” which is basically making sure the band or dancers we’re assigned to are well taken care of. I got assigned to a Middle Eastern folk band. I’m really interested in hearing how the Middle East does folk. This is not exactly the career I am going for (I want to be a writer), but it could make for a great future story or some other sort of inspiration.

That’s the beauty of searching for internships or a job. Whether you are attending events about your craft or volunteering for events in the area of your expertise, these experiences can also inspire you to do something different than you might have originally planned. So hopefully I will constantly be inspired with each new job opportunity I get.

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Brittany C April 11, 2011 at 9:12 pm

Vannessa…This is a really interesting article. Reading this makes me want to also volunteer and visit ifest. It would be my first year attending and def won't be my last, Hope to see you there 🙂


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