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The 2011 Campus Socialite Awards (We’re in ‘em!)

April 1, 2011

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The following post is from our friends at Campus Socialite, who are organizing a nationwide college awards contest in April. will be sponsoring the Best College Entrepreneur category.

Campus Socialites, get your popcorn ready: on April 4th brings to you the inaugural Campus Socialite Awards. Are you sick of people getting acknowledged for mediocre achievements and second-rate acting? Yeah, so were we. Then we did what any logical ambassador of all things college would do – we are bringing the competition to you! Finally, college students will have the opportunity to gain the national spotlight and be acknowledged for the things that make the college lifestyle so desired.

We reached out to our college representatives via a nationwide survey and chose the most popular responses as nominees. Finalists will be announced for 14 categories spanning the entire spectrum of college life. Voting will take place on our Facebook fan page through a custom application that we have just finished developing.

Stay tuned to The Campus Socialite for more information leading up to the awards.

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