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The Campus Socialite presents: 5 fictional celebrity internships

March 23, 2011

Each Wednesday, we’ll be featuring an article posted by our friends at college blog The Campus Socialite. This week, they imagine what it would be like to intern for the likes of Snooki, Mike Tyson and Rebecca Black, among others.

Snooki, of Jersey Shore fame

Would you pick up the duck phone to intern for Snooki?

By Matt Schoenman

I know the title is deceiving, but I’m not talking about fictional celebrities; I’m talking about fictional internships for real celebrities. Ever since a certain celebrity internship went viral a few weeks ago, college students have been scrambling to find ways to work for (in)famous people. Not all of the stars need to manage their social media presence, but I’m sure they could all use some free labor, and as a college student, I’d much rather fetch coffee for an eccentric celebrity than some greedy corporate shark. So here are five celebrity internships that should exist, and what those positions would entail. Read on at The Campus Socialite >>>

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