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Campus Socialite presents: This Week in Social Media

June 17, 2011

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By Matt Schoenman

The dudes from The Campus Socialite are back with the latest on tech and social media news affecting college students, including Facebook for iPad, Facebook’s long-awaited public offering and the Rebecca Black blackout.

Fun, Fun, Fun

The fun is over, at least for the time being.

Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Taken Off YouTube

It turns out that Rebecca Black has been battling Ark Music Factory, the studio that produced her hit single “Friday” over the past few months, claiming that the company was unlawfully profiting from the video. In the past few days, the “artist” has claimed copyright infringement, and the video that racked up 170 million views has been taken down from YouTube, and now has a proper home on Vevo. That means that Black is officially making the move from viral sensation to actual musician/celebrity. Yikes.

Facebook app for iPadFacebook iPad App to Launch in Coming Weeks

Years after the launch of the Facebook app for iPhone, the social networking giant has announced that they have finally surrendered to the overwhelming power of Apple and developed an app for the iPad. From what we hear, this new Facebook app goes well beyond the capabilities of even the website.

Facebook Prepares for Early 2012 IPO

A new report has determined that Facebook’s initial public offering, rumored to be in the first quarter of 2012, could easily top $100 billion. That’s more than quadrupling Google’s $23 billion IPO in 2004, but isn’t unexpected considering the success of LinkedIn’s IPO a short while back. But Facebook’s growth is apparently slowing down…so the company might want to hurry before it begins to lose its consumer and investor appeal.

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